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We can see the sun in Shetland

 Its good to see the sun at anytime in shetland but always when something special is happening, whether its an eclipse or sunspots, or even a sunset Sunpillar over St Ninian's isle Sunsets are good for the soul especially after a run of cloud and gales Great to see more sunspots appearing, this means its becoming more active and as a result we get more Aurora - thats when its clear a moonwashed Aurora down at sandsayre, Sandwick My new book is  NOW back on sale, the first batch of 400 sold out in 12 weeks, if interested it is £16 +£4.75pp if in the UK. Contact me if interested and for prices for postage outside the UK Dont forget to check out my other blogs  (Shetland Wildlife)     (life in Shetland) (Aurora and night sky)

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