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Solar Scopes Your Choice

Now you are either on the Dark side (Night) or the Light Side (Solar) . They are completely different, at night you have to sit out in the dark where its cold and can spend many hours imaging just one subject. The other thing  for me, was that this would clash with photographing the Aurora. Getting into the `Light side'  seemed the best option for the following reasons, first it complemented the Aurora photography, time wise it wouldn't clash and it could be shorter imaging sessions. Would we get more sunny clear days or clear night skies? Back in February 2020 after a lot of research i decided to buy a Lunt 60MM Solar Scope but just as i was about to order the virus struck and with it no stock. After waiting 3 months and still no sign of any delivery from America i had done a lot more research and found that the Pressure Tuning was a problem to some and also there was problems with Blocking filter which suffers with condensation.  The cost of the  Lunt scope (Double stacked) w

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